MondayMommyMoments – Dear Husband

MondayMommyMoments – Dear Husband

It has been a hot moment since, I participated in any of he prompts I was so regular with.  I came across a funny, yet brain tickling prompt for the #MMM


To be honest, despite being married for awhile I still have not cracked the code to this one – but I can surly share what I have learnt in the last few years 🙂

  1. If you want him to listen to you write to him. And, no I do not mean just a text /whatsápp (cos mine go totally unnoticed) I mean an email or a letter. 9 out of 10 times it does the trick. Even, if you do not get ‘what’you wanted at least you get to talk about it 😉

 2. Do not nag. I know, this is not new but I swear this becomes hard to follow at times.  So, even if you are right (We ARE always right, right?) just do not nag and, if you have to talk about something which is kind of irking- try to bring up that rusty topic in a fresh way 😉

 3. I think the way women P.M.S, men do, too. It may not be released later on like in the case of females, but I feel that men also go through phases when they are less ‘happy’. If you, know that its one of those days when he’s in a mood do not try to make him chat to you. Rather, give him more space than needed 😉

Men are really simple, we just need to know when to say what has to be said!




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