Project – Maintenance & A Giveaway 

So,  it’s that time of the year again…when we fast from dawn to dusk for thirty days- Ramadan

I have till date just once managed to maintain my weight during the holy month, but in the last  2-3 years I have mostly “gained” weight.

I have big ambitions, like ‘losing’ weight instead I end up gorging on yummy chocolate biscuits and gain  way more. (Once I gained 6 lbs in one month!!!!)

This time, I’m being practical- cos we all know what living on chicken breast and steamed veggies does to you: EAT LOT OF BISCUITS!!!! later!

So, this is what is my plan

  1. Eating wholesome, soul-feeding food. No, that does not mean just lindor balls with chocolate shake, it simply means that the food will not  make me sad!

2.Working out, in the beginner way, because even 10 min’s  a day trumps doing nothing at all.    I cannot do three miles, but I can surly put in two- four min HIIT workouts by  (Lucy), every other day,      or everyday depending on my energy level.

3.  Not to forget the spiritual aspect of the month- to pray more and a little more than usual!
About the giveaway 

It’s been awhile since I did a giveaway. Will post more about it soon:)

It’s going to be an international  giveaway this time :-)!

What are your plans for the month of June ? 


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1 thought on “Project – Maintenance & A Giveaway ”

  • Main exercise k.liye bahut lazy hu aur cervical n sciatica ki wajah se jyada walk bhi nahi kar paati per main curd + cereals lena pasand karti hu aur hamesha kuch accha karne k liye sichti hu aur karti hu jis se society n ghar me sabko khushi miley aur sukh pahunchy
    Hope ki aapke fast acche se ho rahy hongey ??

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