Dads: Superheroes or not?

Are all dad’s superheroes?

To be fair I think both the parents are superheroes in their own way! But, let’s talk about the father today!

I have been very close to my father since I was a little girl! I guess all daughters, are fond of papa or daddy and vice versa 🙂

I feel all dads are superheroes, because it takes a superheroe to build a family! The mom makes the home! 

Now when I say superheroes I’m don’t mean someone dressed in a cape 😉

 I mean, someone magically making me bunk tutions, or take a day off from school, and allowing more candies – the list is endless!

Now, it may sound silly but when I was six that looked something only a man with huge power could do?

On a more serious note, a man who loves and respects his wife and sets an example to the children is the real superhero!

This post is a link up with Amrita and Deepa for #MMM

What are your thoughts? Would love to know!

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