Motherhood Memories Kept Fresh

Motherhood Memories Kept Fresh

Motherhood: All love begins and ends there. Robert Browning

Being a mother is amazing  and challenging at the same time, its like the two sides of the same coin.

I’m sure all ‘moms’ will agree with me that the children grow up really fast and it is so important to cherish all the moments. Because, time just flies.


  1. Photographs – I have many pictures of my children, infact there has not been a single month gone where we have not clicked their photographs. And, I’m not talking about the random phone pictures;)



  1. Filing System– We have a few files at home dedicated to both of our children respectively. One is solely  for their academic achievements-certificates, report cards etc. The other one is full of their ‘creatives’ like –a card they might have made for my birthday, or something on those lines.



 3. Written Record Or Journaling – We make it a point to encourage our children, to write in their journals, when we travel. Writing on daily basis, as you will agree is impossible due to the hectic school schedule and life per say. 

The bonus point here is that – They write, in their own cute language and I get to not only read it, but perhaps ‘feel’ exactly how they felt at that moment 🙂


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