Project Maintenance – 2

Hi guys, hope you all are in the pink of health and enjoying yourselves:)

I wrote about the first, project maintenance about fifteen days back, and I just wanted to check-in, and stay accountable!

1.  I’m thankful to God, I have been focused on the spiritual aspect of the month 🙂

2. I continue to feed myself, with soul food which makes me happy & healthy! If that means, adding some sweet potato chips on the side of the chicken breast – so be it!

3. I was working out till the 7th of June with my favourite, Lucy Wyndham (YouTube her 4 min HIITS) But, due to some health issues I had to take a break! Hopefully, I can jump back to planking soon;)

4. I have been making lot of yum iftaar or the food you eat after, you break the fast! And, I do eat mindfully! The high cals food too:)! I made some chocolate sandwiches, for iftaar as my kids were fasting too!

Chocolate Sandwiches for my munchkins- iftaar!

So far, so good! I hope I don’t spiral downwards when I go to visit my parents in the next ten days! I definitely go crazy back there ?

How has your month been going? Any goals you have in mind? I just hope to weigh as much as I did before Ramzans( hence- the heading of the blog) 

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