The Sinful Oreo Shake 

The Sinful Oreo Shake 

I made this for my boys Ayaan and Amaan as they had kept roza (they were fasting) and if they won’t drink a 1000 calorie drink at the age of 11, when will they;)

I had two sips, though! Well, I can’t be on a healthy journey and sipping Oreo  shakes a amy main drink, right?

So, this is full of SUGAR and it is not weight loss friendly(Duuh)

But, it is ok to enjoy such teats every now and then!



1. Five pieces of Oreo biscuits ( the 10 bucks pack will suffice)

2.  1 cup vanilla icecream

3. 1 cup cold milk

Add–1,2,3 in the mixer and churn away!!!

Pour it in an attractive glass, top it up with some grated chocolate / or crushed Oreo biscuits!

To make sure it tastes the best, refrigerate for ten minutes!


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