Weekend Love 

Weekend Love 

Now, who doesn’t like weekends? I say that’s the best thing about the whole week ?!

I think we all love weekends for similar reasons, the R and R factor, but let me share some of my top reasons!

1. The kids can stay up late on Saturday nights, and though they enjoy their time on the computer we do sit and talk about the week!

We talk about school, games and everything under the sun!

2. On Sunday afternoons, my husband and I generally watch a movie at home! If not a movie, then few episodes of game of thrones! (And the kids are playing cricket/ away at that time)

3. I get to eat a cheat meal on Saturdays:) which is mostly pizzas, because you know pizza is bae! But, at times I may dig into some sinful oreo shake too!

4. Ironically, I also plan a long run over n either Saturdays or Sundays – to give me the runners high, and to burn the cheat meal too!

5. When, possible I also go visit my parents over the weekend, and that means lot of fun and lots of cheat meals?!

So, why are you thankful for weekends?

This post is a link up with Amrita, Mayuri, Tina and Deepa for #ThankfulThursdays

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