Why I made a mommy blog ?

This weeks prompt for mondaymommymoments got me thinking, why did I start blogging? So, here I’m sharing my  reasons that made me want to blog!

1. I wanted to stay accountable, for my weightloss journey.I had come across many weight loss blogs, back in the day & this seemed to be the perfect thing to do!

2. Writing about things makes me feel happy and lighter! Ofcourse, I realised this once I started blogging. I felt a certain amount of  “like minded” people (who are now friends)knew what I meant when I would talk something my real life friends wouldn’t follow! 

3. Story telling competitions, writing on prompts like this one, made me more engaged in the blogosphere!

Blogging has been a beautiful journey, meeting new people via social media, reviewing products, doing giveaways- is been beautiful!

4. I have many friends, but now they all are scattered around the globe! As much, as I like meeting them every year or two- I get super excited to get in touch with blogger friends! I have made many good friends via blogging and this has made me stick to it. Well, cos we all need more friends right;)

5. I write from the heart! So, that’s why at times it’s good and at times it’s ugly! I love that I can go on and on or be as short as I would like to!

Another reason, is I wanted to create memories. Something to write about daily! But that never happened! I do more of Instagram and Snapchat now;)

Thankyou everyone who have made this blog-journey so joyous for me!

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3 thoughts on “Why I made a mommy blog ?”

  • Hi Zainab your weight loss journey has inspired me too and I walk everyday because of that .Writing from the heart us what has made us connect across time and space.Thank you for writing with us for #MondayMommyMoments

  • Aapko jab pehli baar Instagram per dekha tabhi se aap mujhy bahut sweet lagey aur aapne bahut positive response bhi kiya ?
    Aapki post hamesha se acchi lagi hain, as a housewife main kai baar regular nahi reh paati per fir bhi ??

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