Restarting my mommy journey? #MMM

Restarting my mommy journey? #MMM

Prompt: What would I do different if I could start my parenting journey again?

Good lord, I will do so many things differently.  Now, I’m not saying I did everything wrong, it’s just that now, I know what could have been done differently, a little more tact here and a some patience there!



  1. More Me Time– After my babies were born, I LOST touch with the world.  A friend came over, praising a song that ‘Abhishek Bacchan’ had sung. I was like? Huh? Agreed, back in 2005 there was no ‘whatsapp’ or twitter craze like now, but still I should have not stayed under the rock.

  1. Better Eating Habits– I just wish, I could have inculcated better eating habits, right from the start.  They are not  very fond of eating & it has always been a reason of concern at the back of my mind, till date. Although, I’m really happy, though, that my boys have not tasted any Pepsi or cold drinks, ever!  So, not a total mom fail, I hope.


  1. Sports From The Start– I would have introduced sports & swimming right from the beginning. It would have been so good, if they started playing tennis when they were 6 and not 9. They did start to swim at 7 but, I wish, I had not been scared and, gone for the same, earlier.  I personally feel, sports really helps a child grow and, also makes them more hungry 😉


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