Mother Sparsh Oil & Wet Wipes Review

Mother Sparsh Oil & Wet Wipes Review

Hi everyone, today there is something new on the blog.

I’m reviewing a baby product for the first time & it’s taking me back in time.

Mother Sparsh,  is the newest brand for babies in our country.  It’s an all ayurvedic based brand,  and the products are safe for new born babies.

These products are alcohol, paraben free.

It has two set of products baby Health & Baby Skincare, however Mother Sparsh products are available only online at the moment.

I received two products related to Baby Skincare.


Mother Sparsh Lal Tail (Oil)

Price: Rs 96 for 100 ml 

Packaging: Nicely packed in a box

You can buy this product on Amazon


 1. The oil is red in colour and unlike other lal tail’s the odour is not very strong.

2. Ingredients include a variety of unique and effective herbs which are good for the baby’s muscles, joints, ligaments and bones.

3. Sesame oil which is a key ingredient of the tail or oil, works as a nourishing agent to better the circulation in the body

4.  A free baby lotion, came attached with it



Baby Wet Wipes

Packaging: Nicely packed

Price:       Rs 150 for 80 wipe

You can buy this product on Amazon


1.Baby’s skin is very delicate and, Mother Sparsh WaterWipes are made keeping your baby’s, soft & delicate skin in mind.

2. These wipes contain 98 % water & aloe vera extract which emulates as a natural moisturizer.

3. As it is Hypoallergenic, it does not irritate the skin & protects the skin from rashes, allergies & infections.


In my opinion, you should definitely buy these products, because the quality is very good & the pricing is also reasonable.


NOTE* All opinions expressed in this post are my own.

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