Simple Pleasures Of Life

Simple Pleasures Of Life

This weeks topic is really something fun to write about. And, also makes my heart full of gratitude


3 Simple Pleasures I am thankful for


  1. WiFi / Net –  Remember the time, when there was no net? And, how it used to take hours to connect the modem to so that you can send that one urgent email? I just, cannot imagine my life where I can’t video chat with my mom or best friend. Or not connect with friends on social media. My top simple pleasure = WiFi 😉

  1. Breakfast – my breakfast is also my favorite, “me” time where I solely enjoy eggs or cereal & in my own company. Now, does that not sound fun 😉


  1. T.V Shows – Its no secret that I might have seen all the TV shows! (writing soon about it, but you can find some of my favorite TV shows listed here) I love when I can tune into some Rizzoli & Isles or Riverdale whether it’s me snuggled in bed or sweating on the treadmill!


This post is a link up with Link Up with Amrita, Tina, Deepa and Mayuri for #Thankful Thursdays


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