Thankful For Kindness

Thankful For Kindness

1. When I was in class 1, I used to have a very cute diary with multicolored pages!  It was my possession:)

Of course I  used to take it to school too daily!

One day, I found that small diary sitting on the table of another classmate! And, I had not even written my name on it!

Well, sadly as I’m not the confronting types I kept this to myself and stayed sad for few days.

My seat partner noticed, and asked me why was I so glum! On being told, she just went took the diary out from the other girls desk and gave it back to me.

Well, to a 7 year old me that was kind!:) And, the girl who took it never questioned, because she wrongly took it!


2. While on a pilgrim I got lost from my family, and my phone had no battery! I requested a stranger to please, make a call from his cell.

It was so crowded and thankfully that call was the need of the hour. We fixed a point, and then thankfully was reunited with the rest of my family 🙂


3.Well, a few years back I met  THE  film star SRK, due to a friend! Well, it means a lot to me that she made this possible for me! It was a dream come true, not only was I able to click quite a many clicks with him, he even held the mike for me! I was on TV,


Adding a video, and guys I was bigger then 😉 (SKIP  to 1:33)

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