Three Foods I’m Thankful For

Three Foods I’m Thankful For

I have a love affair, with food and its sort of hard to decide what could be my top three foods? But, its really hard. I think I have a favourite food from all the cusines and that would certainly be more than three 😉

Anyhow, so let me share the three food’s I feel happy about.

Although, some of these foods may not be the ‘healthiest’, but I try to eat them in portion control to enjoy them and yet avoid gaining weight. (I ‘TRY’ ;))

  1. Pizza – I love P.I.Z.Z.A. Now, I don’t think I need to mention that it is because of the cheese, olives,  jalapeno peppers…and I can go on & on.


   2.Chocolates – Well, I think most women have a soft spot for this one. Chocolate has been in life for a very long time. I had a certain portion chocolate everyday while I lost the majority  of my weight. My favourite are: Lindors, Cadbury Silk and Milka.




3.Waffles– I love waffles and you will be surprised that, you can enjoy them daily and not gain some fat. I use this recipe from Khushboo’s blog- do give it a try. I love to top it up with honey, and nutella on some rare occasions!


What are the food’s you are thankful for?

This post is a link up with Amrita, Mayuri, Tina and Deepa for #ThankfulThursdays

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