What I wish for my babies!

What I wish for my babies!
Like any other mom, I also want what’s the best for my offsprings!
1. I want them to always be content in life. May they go after their dreams & be content.
    I want them to have the satisfaction which will make them truly happy
2.I wish them to always have sweet dreams & never nightmares, sleeping or while awake!
    May they be safe throughout, forever and for always, Amen!
3. I wish them success – in whatever they decide to do and become. 
  They are already in class 6, and then next 6 years will flyby too.
4. I  want them to be good humans. Good boys. Good men. Good fathers. Good husbands.
I kind of feel very old now, but it’s my duty to raise them in a way that they do become kind hearted souls, & yet go after their dreams!
5.  I  hope that their circle of friends is such, that it just highlight the good things of life. I never want them to fall in bad company, and do things like drugs!
Most importantly, as my kids are twins I want them to be best friends for life!
In the end, I just want them to be happy & blessed!
These are my wishes  & prayers for my greatest blessings, who call me mom!

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