Lets not judge #MMM

Lets not judge #MMM

A mom is always judged. It starts, right from the moment the baby is given to her after birth.

“Asiee pakarye, aap sahi nahi pakarai”

(Hold the baby properly, your way is not fine)




I know what my child likes to eat, so why give me tips on ‘how to make a green smoothie’? Its great your child enjoys it & I’m almost reevaluating my parenting techniques. But, if my child does not want all kale daily, please excuse me.

I’m a real mom, and I cant feed the kids ‘all organic’ 365 days. I  do tend to make them some peanut butter jam sandwich for dinner at times.

Don’t Judge!


Its OK if my kids do not study 24/7 during exams. They wont get a 10/10. No issues. I’m looking for , overall “Progress” here. It’s not just about the books and cramming for me. I even let my kids, watch some TV or read a book or enjoy some ‘me’ time on the computer. Yes, before the exam.

Don’t Judge!


I have taken a few trips with my husband, and ‘left’ my kids with my parents. Trust me a couple needs to be a couple once in every few years. I love being a mom. I also love being a wife.  Although, its been many years since we left our kids, I really think a four day ‘kid-free’ vacation is what I need.

Does that make me a bad mum? No, it doesn’t. (Well, that’s what I think!) It’s not easy for me, I miss them. But, I don’t regret taking the holidays I took. It’s been 4 years and I do not see any happening in the near future;)

Don’t Judge!


Have you ever been judged vocally about being a mum? All that, I have shared is a part of what someone said to me.


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11 thoughts on “Lets not judge #MMM”

  • Oh I need that vacation badly too. I agree with you Zainab. Now I don’t pay heed to what people say and do as I wish. It’s very liberating and I am more happy mom now.

  • Absolutely with you on this, Zainab! We are unique and so is our parenting style! Nobody else has the right to interfere with that. Having said that, I think all new moms are on the lookout for great tips on how to raise a child the best way and on that front, I’ve picked up a great many tips from various people along my journey as a mother! All said and done, I do believe that the prerogative to choose which choice we wish to go with should always rest with us.

  • I agree with your post. From the first day of birth of a child every person try to give you suggestions and advices as they are very experienced. They start judge you as a mother. According to me every mother is a super mom you can’t judge anyone. So I always try to ignore such judgements

  • Kid free vacation sounds great! I find it funny that we believe tagging our kids with us is great parenting. Kid free vacation sounds like a great time for children to understand their responsibilities and be self-reliant.

  • Gosh! It will take me a while to get used to someone suggesting you give your children smoothies! What ever happened to eating fruit raw off the tree or vegetables and their fibre.
    I think couples need ‘us-time’ at least once a month! You’re overdue, lady!

  • Oh yes..people are fast to give suggestions. They feel we are doing everything wrong as moms. Its high time we stop going on a guilt trip and enjoy motherhood. Thanks for linking up with us #MondayMommyMoments

  • Hey Zainab you are a GREAT MOM! Don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise. The first thing a mother needs to do is look after herself and set realistic expectations for her children. And of course you need couple time. It is important to nurture every aspect of your life. Just because you become a mother it doesn’t mean you have to only live for the children….. More power to you girl!

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