Introducing Dr.Parsa

Introducing Dr.Parsa


Prompt: Day 6 (10 Aug/ Thu) – Feature a guest – a guest post / an interview


Introducing Dr. Parsa who can also be found on Instagram (@drfoodiemum)

She plans  to start blogging soon, & I hope she does!!! Her Instagram-Stories, are very motivating!!! Parsa, we all would love to welcome you:) Thank you, for this I know you are one busy bee!



My name is Parsa. I’m a 28 years old mum of two little girls. My daughters are 2 yearrs and 5 months old, and I have recently gone back to work as a junior doctor in a busy London hospital.

Zainab approached me through Instagram (my screen name is @drfoodiemum) to write a little bit about myself and my social media profile for her blog, so here it goes.



I use my IG account to document my postpartum fitness journey as well as demonstrate my love for cooking. I often share recipes of my cooking on my instagram stories and post photos of my meals.

My approach to weight loss is simple- slow and sustainable. Regular activity and everything in moderation kind of diet.


Desi food does not have to sabotage the plan.


I am recently trying to eat more plant-based diet, but let myself eat a small treat daily. I definitely struggle with food still, but my cravings are not that bad because I don’t make any food off limits. 

I workout 5 days a week (even if it’s for 10 minutes) and I try not to skip any workouts. 


Oppoicecream with @sweetfreedomuk choc shot and @oreo thins.


It’s simply this. I don’t have any magic formula to weight loss, eat less and move more is fortunately / unfortunately all you need to do.

Hope my advice was helpful 🙂


 I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words #6

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