Lets Break Up?

Lets Break Up?

Prompt : Day 5 (9 Aug/Wed) – Write a letter


Dear Diet Soda,

No matter the weather, the occasion, the time, you are my #Thoughtofthedaytwenty-four seven.

I remember, my affair began with you about ten years back. And, despite the hurdles you could cause me, I keep coming back to you.


I went cold turkey once, and managed four happy months, without you in my life. My first mistake, was to have a sip on my birthday.

And, then there was no looking back.


I broke up once again, with you, this January. But, then again, you tempted, yourself back into my life! Its not me, its you!


So, this time I have decided to ‘not give up’ on us!!!  I realize there is just too much history to,  just break-up.


You are my necessary evil.  And, we need to take a new approach to,  this break-up, thing.


Let’s try to meet just once a day, for beginners  and see where it takes us?


I will always love you,



I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words #6
















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