Playing House

Playing House
The fake, morning after feels extra good!
I walk out, not only as the winner of this reality show but also as a celebrity wife.
It didn’t matter if this marriage was just a tie up, for six months. 
What mattered was, that the audience would now get a peek, in the life of the ‘man’ behind the show too.  And, the audience was hooked!
They  also covered our, honeymoon, in ‘Greece’.  But, in reality a private, rented island was where we played house. Heck,  even Greece came to us!
They were giving me a huge chunk of money, as you can of course imagine.
But, it was not about the bags and shoes for me. I was just happy, that now my daughter’s cancer, could now be treated by the best of the doctors.
Words : 149
This has been written as a part of “Friday Foto Fiction’ with Tina & Mayuri.
Tina Basu

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