Anti Hair Fall Kit By Mama Earth #ZReviews

Anti Hair Fall Kit By Mama Earth                                                                                                                                #ZReviews

Hair fall issues are now a days not just confined to monsoon. It seems to be effect us all, at any season. Be it a new mom, or a student with lot of stress and burden for studies.

Its always best to go back to roots, but lets be honest who has the time or energy to  make a mess everyday?


What if I tell you, that Mama Earth has come up with some amazing anti-hair fall products?


The product comes as Mama Earth 6 week Challenge, and it is a proper kit which contains shampoo, conditioner, oil and growth tonic.

Their introductory offer is INR 999 and can be purchased from Amazon






Details : About the Anti Hair Fall  Kit



1.Happy Head  Shampoo

2.No More Tangles Conditioner

3.Pro Growth Hair Tonic

4.Root Restore Hair Oil.



Simple to use



Contains four products, for complete hair care

Chemical free and does not contain any paraben, artificial colours etc

Product Packaging is  sturdy & impressive

Dermatologically Tested .

Suitable for all hair types

Helps to control hair fall

The instructions are easy to read & follow



I really could not think of any cons. Buying, the whole kit might look a bit pricey, but in my opinion it’s ok to spend for yourself.



My Experience:

The six weeks are yet to get over, but I will definitely say that I see a dip in losing my hair and also feel that the dandruff has almost vanished.

That’s an added bonus, a promise that was not even made 🙂

I would recommend to buy the entire kit together, however you can purchase single products too.


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, but all reviews are my own.


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