Blogs that helped me start my fitness journey

Blogs that helped me start my fitness journey

A few years ago, I decided to lose weight mostly, because I was overweight and of course the vanity factor was there too.

I was very scared because, I could not imagine living without roti, bread or even chocolates.  I joined Spark People and started reading a lot of success stories. I found one person’s story very inspiring and that’s how it all began 🙂




Although,I have not reached my goal weight, yet…,but I’m definitely more fitter now than I was back in 2014!  So, without further ado, lets get started:





Runs for cookies -Katie, lost weight eating what a normal person eats. There was no lettuce or grilled fish *only*  She lost 100 pounds, and I thought if she can lose 100, I can lose 10!
Check out her blog for awesome recipes, running plans and motivation:)
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Life As I Know It – Tanvee lost good amount of weight and she is one of the fittest person I know. Her blog is full of amazing workout ideas, recipes and well I love her LOVE for fitness.  Although, she stopped blogging two years back, I still read her blogs a lot. And, she has given me some amazing workouts which I do it even now. She plans to become a P.T someday and she totally should. 🙂



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Khushboo’s Blog Khushboo lost a lot of weight, and she has maintained it over the last few years. Her mantra of eating is simple: Carbs are not the enemy-you eat it all in moderation. A daily  treat is not off limits..if its in portion control. She now, helps people lose weight, without any restriction. You can check out more about it here.



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Update on me : I had lost 9 kilos, but unfortunately I was very careless and have gained about 4 kilos.  So, now I need to lose those 4 and a few more.  You can check my before and after here 🙂



Are you on a weight loss, fitness journey? What do you think about the blogs that I have shared?



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