Make your life festive

Make your life festive

Once the festivities are over we all tend to feel a little grey, or is it just me? Ever noticed how unhappening and boring January gets?  

Or how life suddenly comes at a standstill after Eid and Diwali are over ? 
I have got some tips for you, by which you can make your life a festival and never be bored again.
Charity :  During the festivals we tend to over shop but a dress or shoes more than we need. This is the right time to dust off some clothes which may not be new but definitely not old. Give it to your daily help or someone who would appreciate.
Give a piece of good clothing or even a bag that you no longer use now. Trust me, its a feel good factor:)
Vacation plans: now this is my favorite part. I love to plan vacations even if it’s 11 months in advance. Because , honestly we all need vacations & planning one would just keep us excited.
Do all the planning after the festivities. It will keep away the greys for sure;)
Post Festivals Dinners: Our friends have a habit of always having a good bye card party. Now, it doesn’t have to be just a card party. If you are like me you will just chat but, getting together dressing up and eating out, after the festivals is fun too.
Start running : or exercising. I’m not saying that we need to be a size zero or stop carbs. All I mean, start something in form of physical activity. Swimming, running, golf, walking your dog. This is the right time to step out and gift your self with endorphins.
Keep Praying : When we pray we make sure to include God in our daily life rituals. With God by our side, our blues would eventually fade away!
We should meet friends more often, go out more often and keep praying. Our life will then become a festival!
I have no questions, but would love to know your thoughts!
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