One Thing I Love About Me #ThankfulThursdays

One Thing I Love About Me #ThankfulThursdays

Although it might sound narcissistic, but I think I love the prompt of the week …self love is way more important than we think.






It might  come across very pompous, but I’m so thankful to the God for blessing me with  a clean heart.

Of course, with time I’m sure its not as pure as I want it to be, but I’m happy that it still is better than what it could have been.


I also tend to think from my heart and not brain, and that has always made me lose the battle of winning few petty arguments. Yes, when I lose I feel really sad. But, then I almost always come around…that God has made me the one with a better heart.




What is that one thing you absolutely love about you? No one is judging you. It could even be your six pack 😉


This Post is a linkup with Amrita & Tina for #ThankfulThursday


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