Why be fit?

Why be fit?

To be fit, its essential to stick to a pattern that we can adhere for life long.

I’m talking about fitness, primarily. Being fit is so important, especially when we are glued to gadgets whole day long.

I want to be fit, and for me that means to also lose some kilos.  I did lose a lot of weight already, but the last few kilos are taking just taking forever to come off. But, I know consistency will pay off. (You can read more, about my weight loss story here)





Being fit does not only make you active, it also gives you more power & energy to fight ill health.

Are a new mom who has less time, or you are a busy person and you strive for fitness, but do not have the energy or know where to start? These tips can be followed by both men and women.


Start, with something you love. It could be a swim thrice a week, cycling or good old jogging. You do not have to aim for 60 minutes, the first day. Start slow…10-20 minutes a day is good enough.


 If you prefer to workout at home, then there are a lot of things you can do. And, no I’m not going to suggest you to buy a stepper or a treadmill.  But, you do need YouTube. However, its a personal choice, I did invest in a treadmill.

Check out these awesome fitness channels on YouTube:

Lucy Wyndhem Read: short and effective workout no equipment needed (I wrote a post on her, click here to read it)

Hasfit at home workouts, intense and might need some equipment

Raghav Pande : this guy made his 6 packs, right at home, with few weights.


Lastly, you will have to want it bad enough, to stick to it. That’s what will make it a pattern.

My top tip, is just to start, even if its for 10 minutes, go for it.

Also, eating in portion control will help you achieve your goals, better.


 What does your fitness regime look like? My workout varies from floor to treadmill. There are days I do YouTube and there are days I do nothing;)



DISCLAIMER : I’m not a weight loss expert, all thoughts are my own.


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20 thoughts on “Why be fit?”

  • Thank you for this push. I have been toying the idea of starting SOME form of workout at home and I think these are signs for me to start, even if it means using water bottles as dumb bells!

  • Great tips to get in shape. Becoming healthier should be the main aim when we start any exercise regime. Weight loss will follow. I have been following Hasfit’s youtiube videos. Have also bought a treadmill and cross trainer but I prefer going for walks. Do what you enjoy doing and the exercise will feel like fun.

  • Thank you for such an informative article, Z. Fitness is the need of the hour. But, it has to be a lifestyle rather than a temporary phase.

  • I try to not skip my schedule and use loseit app to keep me on track. For me its more about staying healthy. If not able to stick to my 1 hr workout i at least try to make 15min of time in the morning and evening to practice yoga.

  • If you set a pattern for yourself, it soon becomes a habit. But somehow I get bored of routine, I like surprises more. As a result of which, my exercise routine goes for a toss most of the times 😛

  • Aap logo se bahut inspiration milti hai per routine set hi nahi ho pa raha, 15 days sab thik rehta hai tab tak koi prob aa jaati hai, per fir bhi ab fit rehne ki.koshish barabar chal rahi hai 😊👍👍

  • I love reading your posts – always bring me back to look at my own fitness regime, or the lack of it, actually. I like the practical tips and recommended resources!
    Good Luck with your final few kilos, and with my first few 🙂

  • 10 minutes aren’t a huge demand but having tried and giving up once or twice, I think the key lies in ‘wanting it bad enough’, that’s when things happen and you follow a pattern.

  • I do weight training 3 times a week and cardio twice a week. I used to only do 2 days, but I am motivated to get back to my healthiest body weight from a few years back so I have upped my routine.

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