Five Gifts For Him #MMM

Five Gifts For Him #MMM
It’s always a daunting task to decide what to chose for our men on birthdays, rakhi or anniversaries!
Today, I share some gifting ideas for men
1. Wallet – A wallet is something that will definitely be used and appreciated. Black color is my favourite  colour for wallets! But now there is a lot of variety to chose from!
2. Perfumes– who doesn’t like to smell good? Choosing a unique scent for your man, or any male family member is definitely pampering for them!
3. Pen Sets – we have gone way too digital, but paperwork still exists, right? Let’s get a little old school and gift some pens!
4. Fitbit– Well it’s not ideally just for men, but lately all of us are getting very health conscious and Fitbit is just going to be right! Fitbit is going to monitor your daily steps, calories burnt etc.
5. Watch -Well this could be a little pricey but so worth it! To make it extra special you can get something engraved on it. Like the date, or his name!
What all do you suggest? What would you gift your husband, son, father or brother?
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