Lessons for my children #MondayMommyMoments

Lessons for my children #MondayMommyMoments

The prompt for the week is : What message do we want to give our kids, this children’s day?

Being a parent, is a joy. But, also a big responsibility. We are raising the future generation.


Prayers – I always pray, and I believe in God. My first and foremost lesson to my kids would be to pray. Praying to God, giving him thanks should be done at all times.

Kindness– Being a kind soul, is so important. Talking politely to friends is easy, but to be polite to our helpers at home, or a passer by on street is needed. 


Letting go – It gets hard to let go of things, friends, arguments as you grow up. To live a life peacefully, it is so important to not linger on things and be a little ‘cool’ about things.

Assertive –  Its important to be kind, but it is also important to not be a doormat. People mistake the kindness for weakness, and we need to put our foot down too, at times.

Punctual– Like a school doesn’t let kids, go and come on their will, the opportunities in life too pass by. We need to be punctual, and the rest does follow.

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