Saying thanks to home. #ThankfulThursday

Saying thanks to home. #ThankfulThursday

Being thankful to your home, is so important. It’s after all our ‘pod’

How can we regularly be thankful to our home?

We take good care of things we love, right? I feel that to show our thankfulness we need to take excellent care of our abode. Now, that doesn’t mean we need to go O.C.D like Monicaa, but somewhat similar in a more ‘doable’ way.

Keeping home clean and tidy –it’s important to keep our home, clean. A messy home is a not only a sign of laziness but also being unthankful.

However, being a parent and having children it’s not always easy to keep our home sparkling clean.



To ensure, that my home is always neat I just follow two habits.

I try to keep everything back, at it’s proper place. I know this sound easy, but trust me it is not.

Another, thing is to always clean one drawer everyday. It sounds like a lot, but just one drawer barely take 10 minutes.

This will not only help declutter your home regularly but also make your drawers look neat always!





How do you show gratitude to your home?


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