Spilling Beans On Motherhood #Mondaymommymoments

Spilling Beans On Motherhood   #Mondaymommymoments
The best time  in a women’s life  who wants to start a family is  when she is expecting… and yes even the motherhood!
But. With motherhood comes lost if challenges!
The baby’s don’t sleep at night – I remember my friends telling sleep all you want, but I didn’t think that meant we will be awake for a few years at night;)
Being blessed with twins, we always ha style challenge of one waking up after the other sleep!
Chalk & Cheese -Just because they are twins I believed  they would be similar! Well, guess what? They are not! One can’t stop talking and one doesn’t want to talk.
It’s hard for me to tackle them at times! Feels I do need some techniques!
Food for thought – I never thought that my children would be repulsive eaters. To this day, it takes a village to cook something good. And, if they eat, nothing like that:)
 The us time – I didn’t feel that time you spend with your better half also takes big step back! I mean, it’s all about the baby! The talks, the joys, the arguments! 
So,  a baby moon is necessary if you can go 🙂
Good cop bad cop situation– this is something I constantly battle with! It’s hard, to be a good cop but, then being a mom is much more than just allowing daily screen time or Pizza too! 
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1 thought on “Spilling Beans On Motherhood #Mondaymommymoments”

  • Ekdum sahi kaha aapne 👍👍
    Mujhy to soch k hi hairaani hoti hai ki ek sath twins ko sambhalna kitna mushkil kaam hai per aapne kitne acche se usko nibhaya 🤗🤗😍😍

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