Are you thankful for your health? #ThankfulThursday

Are you thankful for your health? #ThankfulThursday

A few months back, I suffered from a horrible horrible toothache. It was worse than the one, I had in 2014.

So, yes tooth aches  and I are pals.

Well, it was in those painful times, I realized that how necessary it is to be healthy and not just that. To be thankful for it too.


I was visiting the same dentist, who I usually consult and he wanted me to wait a little before pulling the tooth out. I was not getting the point, but I waited.  Ofcourse, I would get temporary relief, but just temporary.


So, finally full of hope, I went to my dentist to help me and yes I was in tears.

I could actually see that he felt sorry for me.


Oh,  and I went alone. I Did not take any family member, because I did not think today is ‘The Day‘.

He gave me the  shot to make my tooth numb…and after a few minutes it was done.


I have had a tooth pulled out before, but this was getting ugly. He had prepared me that it might take two sessions as it was a cap. 🙁


But, my prayers were answered and thankfully, it got out in one go.


Well, after that I did have some cold coffee with ice cream…‘cos the he said nothing hot;)


But, after this experience I have started flossing my teeth after every meal. I’m soooo scared now.


What are you thankful for when it come to health?  I think it was right on his part, to wait a few days, because it is so easy to pull a tooth out. I feel thankful that despite wanting to change doctors I stuck with him.


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