Thankyou Dear Husband #ThanfulThursday

Thankyou Dear Husband #ThanfulThursday


We tend to take our families for granted, because they are always there. They always show up.

Today, I want to thank my family for all that they have done for me. In fact, how they continue to give me support and love always.

But today I think my parents, for choosing, my man for me. My husband–my strength!



I  want to thank my husband for being my strength.  For always looking out not only for me, but also my parents and brother.

I want to thank him for being my friend, before being my husband.

I was never, much into ‘English movies’ initially, but now I need to thank him for enriching with the same.



I don’t think, I can thank-you enough for all the good, bad, ugly times we enjoy.



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