Thankyou note to friends #ThankfulThursday

Thankyou note to friends #ThankfulThursday

Thank you note to my friends … is the prompt for this week on #ThankfulThursdays.


I really do not have a huge circle of friends, despite the fact that I’m very extrovert and fun loving.  I always believed that when it comes to having friends ‘less is more’



it would just not be fair, to start this without saying thanks to my mom. She has been my best friend, even before I was born. I know this may sound cliched, but true it is.

My mom is not only my 2am friend, but someone who I share everything with.



My other closest friend, who now resides in Dubai… whom I have been friends with since the second grade. (& I’m in my thirties so its a long time)

The amazing thing with her is, that even though we may have not spoken for months, but when we talk it’s like there was no break at all.

I think this is what a friendship lives on, you can expect nothing & everything.  You may have a fight, but you know that its just for the next day or even just the next hour.

I want to thankyou  for being there for me. The old saying, is apt: A friend in need is a friend indeed.


Who are your closest friends? Do you meet them often? I met my friend in January this year, but hope that meet soon. Plus, I do meet my mom all the time.


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9 thoughts on “Thankyou note to friends #ThankfulThursday”

  • Thanks to all my friends, including you 🤗🤗
    Mummy – Daddy ko hamesha yaad karti hu, old frnds se ph per baat hoti hai, abhi sabse close frnd paas hi rehti hai to milna ho jaata hai
    Thank you so much each n everyone jisne bhi meri life me khushi bhari 😊

  • For me too, my mom is my best friend, my pillar of strength. After her, I have a friend who has been with me since about 27 years, and another who has been with me since 15 years now. Apart from these, my Yoga teacher is also a close friend. And, that’s all…These are the closest friends I have. I do have other friends, too..mostly online, but the above four, including mum, are the closest, who I look for support.

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