Christmas Party For Kids And Gifts

Christmas Party For Kids And Gifts

Christmas is a festival that brings joy, and makes us all smile.  It’s a fun time and, today I will take you back in time.

I share about the Christmas party my mother, did for me despite being pregnant (my brother was born in 10 days!) I was a kid then, so let me share what all mattered to me 🙂


What All You Need for a small Christmas Party At Home

Well, a Christmas tree is super necessary, it would not be a Christmas party without one 😉

Some kid friendly food like: cupcakes, chocolates, french fries and cake.

A stocking, and fill it up with sweets.

Ask all the kids to get a gift each, and then they exchange with each other.

And, some good Christmas music.



Gifts For Your Kids This Christmas

Books –  Books are the best gift you can give to the kids. I loved the Enid Blyton’s and Nancy Drew’s and those made the perfect gifts.

Watches – Kids love watches, specially if the dial can be changed into various other straps, and it’s a total win.

Baking Kit – Everyone loves home made baked goods, and this is the perfect time to get that ‘baking kit’ to use.

Stationary–  I loved stationary and I passed this to my kids too. A pen set, diary and some colors are a perfect gift.

Movies/ Music – So, “Home alone” anyone?  I know I used to love this movie, but you can gift whatever your child likes, from Finding Nemo to Tarzan:)


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