Saying Thanks To Food

Saying Thanks To Food

There is no sincerer love than the love of food – George Bernard Shaw

Food is fuel for the body, and it helps us do our daily chores. But, do we respect the food? Be it a bar of chocolate or some ‘daliya’ that we do not like?

Remember, how in school we were taught, not to waste food? Well, that’s what saying ‘Thanks’¬† to food is to me. Water and food are so mandatory to each and everyone of us. Age no bar!



At times, we do end up cooking extra. What do you do with the extra lot?

We can store it for next day, or give it to our house help.



Water to me is also ‘food’. We need to use water judiciously. Do you leave the tap running while brushing your teeth?

Every drop matters, so one drop saved here goes the extra way there.

Lets save water & enjoy it a tad bit more by a twist. Add some mint and lime to your water and make it a little less boring. Of course, I still love my plain water, but a change is good at times.



What would your thank you note say to food? Do share:)

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