Why am I thankful for #ThankfulThursdays

Why am I thankful for #ThankfulThursdays


About a year back, I started using twitter again, and came across a name: Amrita. She reminded me of a school friend and I asked her if she was the same one? (the surname matched too)

I started following Amrita and Tina without even knowing what TT was.

I saw a prompt on twitter and really connected to it.  I thought let me write on it.  (Read that post here)

This not only  broke my ‘rut’ of not blogging but also made me write more.




I have found a great friend in Tina & Amrita both.  They answer my silliest questions and have treated me so warmly as well.

So, yes I’m more than thankful for the #ThankfulThursdays. It is responsible in so many ways to get me where I’m today.


Not only  did my blogging journey get a facelift by #TT but also this blog and the blog’s logo was designed by  Tina, and very patiently she taught me the know how’s of the same.




Linking this post with Amrita and Tina for Thankful Thursday and Thank You Note

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