What is motherhood? #MMM

What is motherhood? #MMM

When we were  kids I always used to feel that ‘my mom’ thinks way too much about my safety or just me just in general. It was only when I became a mom, I realized that well…that’s what mothers were created for.

A mother knows no bound s at all. She is there, for you in good, bad & perhaps even ugly.

Whether you are a SAHM, a working mom  your job  is round the clock.

You are not only the caretaker for your child, but also his teacher, cook, driver etc



Its pretty unfortunate, that the mom’s who work round the clock at times are given some poor judgement in terms of  ‘just being a mom’

A story that I heard growing up was how a boy wanted to rip his mother’s heart out, as his girlfriend would only marry him then.

He went to his mum, and she happily let him do that. With her heart, in his hand he went to his girlfriend. On the way he fell, and that heart cried out “son are you ok”

Well, of course it’s just a story, but it truly shows the level of devotion a mother has for  her child.

I loved how the current Miss.World Manushree Chillar, gave an ode to her mom, which as we all know got her the crown.

Her question was not a trick one at all. But, I’m sure the judges were swept off the floor  by her answer.

The question asked :

“which profession deserves the highest salary and why?”

You can see the whole video here, but let me ask you to keep some tissues ready.

As children, we forget what pains and pleasures our mother’s go through raising us. Heck, I’m  in my late thirties and when in doubt, I still call my mom.

She is my person. Even today.  I just hope if I can be even half  as needed by my kids, when they are my age I have done a good job.


Coming back to the question: is mommying a job? Or is it a profession? I think it is beyond both thees things. Its a job where you are unpaid, at times thankless and no one feels its a profession. But, to be true, its way more than both these things. That what I feel is a mom.

I would love to know your thoughts about it. I feel, yes motherhood deseerves the highest salary…ever. 🙂

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5 thoughts on “What is motherhood? #MMM”

  • I think that being a mommy is a profession and a calling. You are busily creating a good future for the world by raising children to be kind and loving. What could be better than that?

  • Being a mommy is the toughest role we play.No amount of money is enough for this but it would be nice if we could have an opportunity to do both.Be a mom and be financially free!

  • you had expressed your emotions so beautifully and I agreed with each point. yes! being a mom is a beautiful journey, it takes a lot to be a good mom. I also call my mom, every time. she is the strength of my life and I think no monetary reward can replace the joy and satisfaction of motherhood. it is beyond these things.

  • Ma ki ehmiyat ma ko khoney k baad aur khud ma ban kar samjh aayi, jis pal meri bitiya ko meri godi me diya gaya, usi pal se meri duniya badal gai, responsible ban gai, apne parents ki ehmiyat aur samjh me aayi
    Sach me motherhood sabse bada ehsaas hai jisko hum job ya responsibility jaise words me describe nahi kar saktey

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