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I have always been a doting mother, especially when my twins were babies. I used to look forward to their bedtime, not only because it meant some ‘me’ time after that. But, because it was such a delight to prepare them for bedtime. Many moms have asked me how did I manage the night routine, especially as there were two of them. After a lot of trials and errors, I finally made a pattern once they were about 2.5 months old.


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Bath Before Bedtime

A bath,  few minutes before bedtime, works like a miracle. Although, I would make sure that their stomach was empty. Give them a warm water bath and you are good to go. I generally allow them to play during the day, so that it wears them out completely by bedtime.


baby in bath
Bedtime essentials which helped my baby sleep peacefully




Nasal Drops

Did you know that nasal congestion can hinder the sleep pattern of your baby? Babies are obligatory nose breathers, so I make sure to use nasal drops by Nasivion, once I dress them both up. I actually used it two to three times a day. I used 1 to 2 drops in each nostril. This is the accurate dosage for babies who are over five weeks old and are under 1 year of age. However, if the problem persists you can always opt for, Nasivion (Mini) Baby Nose Drops or Nasivion Pediatric (Child) Nose drops once you consult with a doctor.

nasal drops
Bedtime essentials which helped my baby sleep peacefully






Dimming The Lights

This sounds simple, but it goes a long way. Make sure to dim the lights of the baby’s room as you take him for a bath. This usually signals the baby that it’s time for sleep. In fact, once you set a pattern, the babies will know what to expect next.


Story Time

Well, this was my favorite. Once I put them both in their cribs, I would start telling stories. At times, I would read but then I would make up my own stories too. Many mummies like to sing to their babies, and that too is absolutely fine.


teddy bear
Bedtime Essentials Which Helped My Baby Sleep Peacefully

Feeding Milk

This was the last step of my bedtime routine. While I would be reciting the story, the bottles would be ready and given to them. And, then just like that, they would doze off. Another added advantage, of the nasal drops, is that it gets rid of difficulty while drinking milk. Hence, no clogged nose.


Feeder Bottle
Bedtime Essentials Which Helped My Baby Sleep Peacefully

Important Points

  • Please make sure that your baby is empty stomach when you give him a bath
  • Read the proper dosage instructions of nasal drops before use and consult your pediatrician beforehand.
  • Make sure that, the room is dim, but will not cause any accidents.
  • The milk you feed should be at the right temperature. Often, you may need to burp your baby after the milk finishes.


So, what is your bedtime routine for your baby? I would love to know if you sang to your baby or told him stories.



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