5 of the best Ways to soothe Baby who has Colic

Colic is characterized by prolonged periods of crying for more than 3 hours for almost 3 days a week. It might be caused due to gas or indigestion still the exact cause is not known. Some say that babies might be intolerant toward substances in mother’s milk. In Colic babies abdominal muscles get tense and they might pass excess of wind.

Colic Symptoms in Babies

Let’s look for some common symptoms of Colic

  • Baby extends and flails his legs
  • The baby usually arches his back while crying.
  • Baby flails his arms while crying.
  • Babies face will look red or flushed while crying.
  • Baby tends to clenches his fists while crying


How to Soothe a Colic Baby 5 Best Ways

1. Give your Baby Warm Bath

One of the easy and natural remedy for colic is giving your baby a warm bath. A warm bath will help your baby relieve stress and some tension and it will distract them from pain.

2. Knee Pushing Exercise

Try this simple exercise to relieve gas in the baby

  • Step 1: Place your baby on his/her back.
  • Step 2: Hold your baby’s knees together and then push the legs back towards babies tummy and hold the legs this way for a few seconds.


  1. You can always do this exercise while massaging the baby.
  2. Do not persist if the baby offers a lot of resistance.

3. Create Closeness

Always keep in mind that you need to have bodily contact with your baby. You can carry them in a baby carrier, baby wrap or baby sling. This will help the baby to maintain close contact with you and he will cry less. Also, swaddle the baby when you put him to sleep.

4.Sounds to Calm Baby

You can always play the sound of water, vacuum or hair dryers as it will help the baby to relieve tension. Soothing repetitive sounds will help the baby in many more ways try and check which sound works well for your baby.

5. Use Ayurvedic solution

As said above Colic in babies can take place because of indigestion and constipation. So to relieves Stomach Discomfort you can use Ancient Ayurveda Hing (Asafoetida) solution.

The main question arrives is where can I get this. Don’t worry  Mother Sparsh has come up with an amazing Tummy Roll On which helps baby to get rid of gas pain, abdominal pain, constipation & upset stomach.

When you select any product keep in mind to check if it is natural as you don’t want to mess with babies sensitive skin too. While Mother Sparsh Tummy Roll On is natural and free from toxins which make them totally safe to use on baby’s sensitive skin and the amazing thing is that it contains natural herbs that help to treat colic and indigestion in babies.


  • Saunf oil
  • Fennel oil

Key Points why you should select this

  • 100% Ayurvedic
  • No alcohol, preservatives
  • Has antiseptic and antibacterial properties
  • Has anti-colic properties

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Bonus Tips

Watch Your Diet

If you love citrus fruits, spicy food or dairy products then try to avoid it if your baby has colic. Always remember what the mother eats is passed to the baby while breastfeeding

Have Quiet Time

As said above that you need to calm your baby with Soothing repetitive sounds don’t make mistake by talking to them loudly or singing in a loud voice. If you do so your baby might cry more.


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