A TO Z blogging challenge

Letter Y

Letter Y stand for YouTube  YouTube is just such a blessing. Not only, can you learn how to cook, or do make up but also learn the correct ways to workout, diet etc. Below I share with you, some of my favorite weight loss,  and […]

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Letter X

Letter X stands for going the  X-tra mile How to get in few x-tra steps a day? If you want to sneak in some extra ways to be active, or just want to be active in general you can try the following. Personally, whenever I’m […]

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Letter W

Letter W stands for Water Water is your best friend if you are looking to look lose some vanity pounds or just pounds in general! Or, just beautify yourself 😉 I have seen humongous changes in my body weight,when  I consume more water. Water, helps […]

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Letter V

Letter V stands for  Variety Variety is the spice of life ! So, it only makes sense to have new food items to your  diet, and add fresh workouts to your regimen every time you can. Try a Zumba class instead of the regular walk […]

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Letter U

Letter U stands for  Ultimate Goal Weight  After so many years in this journey I have realized that I need to have an ultimate goal weight, and that change once it has been achieved ( if needed).   Example current weight – 66 kilos Mini […]

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Letter T 

Letter T stand  for To Keep Trying I hate to admit it, but it’s been about three to four years since I started my weight loss journey! For some reason, it just doesn’t seem to end! The million dollar question : why? For beginners, I […]

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Letter Q 

Letter Q  – Quick Work Out? I certainly don’t think, that there are quick ways to lose weight, but I do think you can do quick workouts. When you start with quick workouts, you are forming a practise to start working out. I have said […]

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Letter P

P stands for Practical  We need to follow a practical approach when it comes to losing weight! I think, in the past I have done Atkins and fad diets more than anyone. I lost and gained but never did I stick to a healthy weight! […]

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Letter L

  Letter L is for Lifestyle Change The moment we decide to start a diet, it takes a negative toll on us. I could not have lost 8 kilos (15 pounds) if I would have to just eat chicken breast and raw veggies. I  just […]

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Letter K

  K stands for Keeping the eyes on the prize I have noted this problem, with myself and I think it could be common. Once i reach a certain weight, I tend to spiral out of focus and start indulging more,in food. I reached my […]

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