A TO Z blogging challenge

Letter J

Letter J

    J stands for Jazzing¬†up your workouts   Let’s be honest, when it comes to losing weight, suddenly everything around becomes slow. I realized that doing the same workout routine or the same food routine made me kind of feel sorry for myself. Hence, […]

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Letter I

I ¬†stands for Imagination and Inspiration When we embark on the journey of weight loss, it’s really easy to forget why did we start in the first place, and it gets easy to be disheartened! Imagination creates reality Let’s just put it this way: Just […]

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Letter H

Letter H

  H is for Hungry/ Hunger! So, you must be thinking what kind of health and fitness write up is this? H doesn’t stand for a hike but HUNGRY? (I have no degree in being a nutritionist but I talk from my own research and […]

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Letter G

  G for Go Getter So, let us get back the notebook we started with. Write today’s date and tell yourself that I will be a go getter! What does go getter mean? BE someone who knows what he has do, and go after it […]

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Letter F

Letter F is for Finish Line! If you are on a fitness journey or (starting one) I have news for you. There is no finish line. And, I say that in a good way. When you do your first plank in 20 seconds, you aim […]

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Letter E

E is for…you guessed it Exercise! I think what they say IS true, that abs are made in the kitchen, i.e, whether you workout or not,  better watch what you eat! BUT, remember it’s not about getting skinny or just thin…it’s more about getting fit. […]

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Letter D

Letter D

  D is for Determination! This journey is hard, and there will be hiccups along the way. But, it will be worth it. I recently reached the lowest weight I had been the last ten ears. But, unfortunately, I got distracted and lost the determination. […]

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Letter C

Letter C

 C is for Carbs!!!! I’m nowhere close to my goal weight, but I certainly hope that this year is the year!!!! When I started my weight loss journey, I never deprived myself of any food and I was not miserable. But, as the results were […]

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Letter B

Letter B

  B is for Baby Steps! When we want to lose weight, we want it to happen overnight. And, I’m no exception. It has taken me couple of years to realize that there are absolutely no quick-fixes. Rome was not built in a day, and […]

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Letter A

    A is for Attempt! When we start something new, it is always a little intimidating, but the key to success is to just start. First things first, and that starts with starting to attempt on what you desire. Invest in a good note-pad, […]

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