Christmas is definitely special and festive for us all, be it the food or the the music it does make me feel a little happier than usual!
My husband’s birthday is on Christmas Eve and maybe that’s another reason why, I’m so excited about the festival 🙂
Eat, Watch, Eat
That’s the mantra for me on Christmas! There is cake and some good food, of course.
The celebrations start on the eve Christmas, by cutting cakes and gobbling down candies.
( Age no bar) 
Then it’s a movie time for us all, with caramelized popcorn and some nachos … hey it’s ok to binge on special days!
We start with Home Alone the very first, as it’s our fav one. Then, it’s Love Actually as I’m a die hard romantic.
But, of course the kids are asleep by the time we watch the latter!
Pro Tip: Home baked cakes and cookies are great, and if you are watching your weight there are lots of ways to make your baked good healthier. Example: Swap the white flour for whole wheat flour.
Also, make sure to eat clean for the whole day, and yeah get your cardio in 😛
How do you celebrate Christmas at your home ? 
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