Some points, some vents
  • I’m officially starting to record my progress here–this year has been so tipsy so far.
  • why? cos I move two steps ahead and then I just fall BAD!!!
  • then it has been THREE years since I’m on this journey. I keep tossing in and out the same ten lbs
  • Does that mean I’m a failure? Certainly not a winner
  • My stress is my biggest trigger I visited my parents, and two days I was great. Then I just gave in,
  • What scares me is that I can easily eat a candy bar (60g) without even noticing its gone and eat another bar
  • I’m also depressed (why??) A.F is long due  but no pregnancy either! (34 – menopause?)
  • I need some good motivation 
  • I feel lost

I rarely post pics, but I wanted to. Do you guys see a change in me? I did this. But, why can I not go beyond this?
Today I’m about a kilo more than the recent pic!
2009 vs 2015

So, what are you all watching? I’m watching House currently and totally loving it.