Dubai is such a fantastic place. It has, a lot to offer for everyone. I’m totally in love with the city.

View from my hotelI always gain a few extra kilos when I holiday in the Middle East, as the food is not only yum but also halal 😉


I think three – four days will suffice if you are willing to go out daily for sightseeing. But, if you are looking for a more relaxed vacay, then don’t hesitate in adding a couple of few extra days!

{All opinions are my own}

1. Desert Safari –  Sand bashing, belly dancing followed by, some yummy middle eastern cuisine. Sounds like an evening well spent to me:)
This is something that you, probably can’t enjoy anywhere else in the world. Make sure to book in advance. Here is a link, for the same.

Get ready for sand bashing!
Get ready for sand bashing!
Belly Dancing
Belly Dancing

My tip: Go light on the food, before, you start the exciting sand bashing journey. The turns and twists can make a common person giddy.

Also, pack a shawl or a small jacket in your purse…as it gets pretty chilly later in the evening.

2. Burj Khalifa – Who would want to miss visiting, the tallest building in the world? I surly  wanted to visit the tower! It’s attached to, the famous Dubai Mall.


Fountain Show

My Tip: Don’t forget to take a stroll in the mall and you must watch the fountain show which starts after sunset, for, every thirty minutes. There is also ice skating rink in Dubai Mall, if you would want to enjoy that.

3. Ski Dubai – This snow park, is amazing– you can slide, roll, and enjoy a chairlift ride. If you can ski, then you can do that as well. Ski Dubai, is located in the Mall Of Emirates, so once again you can browse the mall and enjoy the snow 😉

Inside View
Inside View
That's me rolling down :P
That’s me rolling down 😛

My Tip: Once, free from the snow park, do treat yourself to some warm food.

4. More Fun – The below are the lists of things, that  I did not do, or did not find them as much fun.

– Bus tour of the city. It was pretty sad, & you are better off travelling in the metro or cab.

The Atlantis– I know it’s word famous. But, I like to stay in the ‘city center’ so I didn’t like the idea of staying in this magnificent place. It’s lovely though, and has a water park etc. Read more about it here.

Burj Al Arab –  Needless to say, this is the icon of Dubai. I did go, to marvel at it, just from outside though. There is a small sum, if you want to go inside. We had our fun, by just clicking lots of pictures with this beauty in the backdrop!

Is it not, beautiful?
Is it not beautiful?

Gold Souk – is a visual treat, and I do think you should go here, just for the experience! We did not buy, anything bu did enjoy the gold display.



We all know, that some of the most beautiful malls, are in Dubai. They are very large as well. My friends, who stay there, have *yet* to complete touring the entire mall.

By now you have covered the Dubai Mall & Mall of Emirates.

Another mall that is worth visiting is the Ibn Battuta Mall,  Mall. It’s amazing architecture will startle you and it’s also on one level. It’s not in the center, but a cab is always ready to go. (I have no pictures of the mall 🙁)

DCC Mall, is another good Mall. In the city center, & pocket friendly.  But, just remember this mall is not very glitzy. It’s huge for sure, but not as snazzy as the newer ones!

My Tip: Don’t forget to wear a light jacket to the mall, because it gets very very cold. I used a shrug in April…!!!

Have you been to Dubai ? What was your highlight of the trip? I loved every bit of the place, so I cannot pinpoint any one thing.