We all want to be fit and lose weight, but instead of resorting to crash diets how about if there are some easy tips on losing weight the healthy way: where you do not have to get rid of any food group?

When we embark on a weight loss journey it’s common, to make some mistakes. To eat less, or to start just because every second person is on a diet.  It is important to know what YOU want.  

Losing weight is not that tough (I have done it twice!)  its harder to maintain it, where I struggle and I know many of us do. (This is for another post)

I have put together this post, summing up all the knowledge that I have gained in the last couple of years. I have done it all. Atkins, egg white etc. I lost a good amount of weight, for sure but as soon as I started with my normal food the weight came back.

Not to mention, that I became anaemic with haemoglobin as low as 8.

So getting back on weight loss tips, so you decided to lose weight, but just before you sign up for any crash diets or boot camps, just go through the points below!

Easy tips on losing weight the healthy and sustainable way

First things first. Find your WHY?

I want to be able to shop anywhere

I want to look good

I want to be fit

There is absolutely no shame in wanting to look good. Hey, I want to look good, and  I also want to be fit.

Once you find your, why it gets way easier.

Its completely possible to lose weight yourself, without help. There is a plethora of knowledge out there. You just need to know how to use it for your benefit.

At times,  we can learn and at times we just feel that perhaps we need a blessing in the form of a dietitian so to know how to get started!


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How to find the right dietitian? 


Girl on diet
Easy tips on losing weight the healthy and sustainable way


Make sure that she/he is an actual dietitian. Check that they have the basic credentials. Ask them, how long have they been practising? What are the degrees they hold? These are some of the basic questions you need to ask, before signing up.


Don’t opt-in for the newer dietitians. Just because they might have a lower fee, don’t play with your health on that account. Many times, people who lose “x” amount of weight start-up their clinic or just a blog/ Instagram page.


   Losing a huge amount of weight is good. But, that automatically does not transform you into a dietitian.



Quick Fixes

You will find aplenty of fat loss shakes, diet pills sauna belts and whatnot.

Do they work? Don’t think so. 

But,  they will certainly, have long-lasting side effects. People can even die. 

Do not go for unnatural methods, because they will just not help.

You will also come across, cabbage soup diet, egg white diet…and so on.

Yes, you will lose the weight if you swap all your meals with just egg whites and soups, but the moment you start eating normal food, it will have an adverse effect.


Now if I still have your attention,  then let me share how can you lose weight, without killing yourself.



How to lose weight the right way: Easy tips on losing weight the healthy and sustainable way


1. Make it a sustainable change I have done all of the above before. That is the reason I gained weight again.  Just take out thirty minutes a day for yourself every day. Do any workout that you feel you can adhere too.  I would like to add that, any diet which needs you to eat below 1500 calories, is not only unhealthy but will cause a dip in your energy levels. And, yes will make you angry too.



2. Download some apps, that will help you to log in your food and help determine your calorie count.that will help you to log in your food and help determine your calorie count.

 Read how to use My Fitness Pal to help you count calories.


phone flashing apps
Easy tips on losing weight the healthy and sustainable way


3. Include workouts, as a routine. You can opt for yoga, running, join a gym or just walk in the neighbourhood. Make sure your form is correct, else it could do more damage than good. There are a lot of workouts available on YouTube,  as well. It is completely fine to start from there.

Also, read 3 fitness channels that you should check out on YouTube

4. Always eat breakfast. Many of us, do the mistake of skipping breakfast. This is the wrong approach. It’s necessary to start your day on the right note.


Easy tips on losing weight the healthy and sustainable way


5. Get rid of excuses – I’m depressed, there is a wedding, I’m too busy to cook, my kids won’t eat healthily. Rings any bells?

Paper where it is written I can do it
Easy tips on losing weight the healthy and sustainable way

 6. Eating better, not less – there I said it, this is what should be your motto. Instead of eating just grilled fish and lettuce opt for something that YOU can eat for life.

Trust me,  it needs to be a lifestyle change, else you will keep gaining and losing the SAME weight.  YES, you will not lose 10 kilos in 2 months, and that is how it should be.  Aiming to lose 2 kilos to 3 kilos a month is what will work.

7. Self Love – Would you ever, tell your friend that: hey, you look ugly/ fat/ weird? I guess the answer is no.

 Then why not show the SAME  love for self? Often, we are so harsh to ourselves, and that’s what ends up being instilled in our minds.


  • You will never look as pretty as her
  • You will never lose weight
  • You look so FAT

Instead of giving yourself demeaning and harsh comments, try & replace it:

  • You can do this
  • You WILL lose the weight
  • You are pretty

It has been proven, that via being mindful in how we practice self-love, can not only help us with weight loss but also in other areas of life.

Also read:  Mindset tips to help you lose weight

Also, would like to add that do not compare yourself with celebrities. They work out for hours and have a team dedicated to their kitchen.

Although, they do put in the hard work, which is extremely motivating and amazing, no comparing!.

Why just celebrities?  There is no need to compare yourself with anyone at all.

It is your journey, take it on your own pace.

I love this quote, which I read on the net a few years back

Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway.

― Earl Nightingale

So true, right? so let’s get it going and start getting fit, losing weight the healthy way & without killing ourselves.


Disclaimer: This post is for educational purposes only. Please consult a doctor where and as needed. Read the full disclaimer.