We live in a world today where there is lot of convenience for sure, but also copious amount of stress.

Stress has an impact on our everyday’s life, and little do we realize that it also contributes to hair loss or hair fall.

Hair loss in ladies and men, both can occur just due to being overly disturbed. Other things like physical health, any sort of  illness, even common cold  can play an important role in the same.

Whether this or experienced by a man or a woman, hair fall will add to ‘further stress’ as this is also linked to getting old.

Lets talk in depth about this issue of ‘hair fall’ dreaded in women.  How to cure it and how to prevent it as well. I know how it feels to see many strands of hair in your comb or hair brush.




Solution for hair fall in women

  1. Eat a well balanced and nutritious diet.
  2. Use good and recognized products on your hair.
  3. Try to use hair oil which is organic or make it at home.
  4. Be religious in the hair treatment, don’t just keep the products on the shelf.
  5. You can consult with a doctor, if the fall is tremendous and you can spot balding.


Treatment to prevent hair fall in women:


  • Shoo Away The Stress– The more stressed you stay the more prone you will be to this issue. So, try to relax and deal issues in a better way.
  • Eat Protein Enriched Food– Include eggs, chicken breast and milk in your diet on daily basis. If you are a vegetarian, then try to eat paneer and legumes.
  • Get Blood Tested– You need to get your blood tests done and see if you are suffering from anaemia. Lack of iron, often leads to hair loss.
  • Amla or Indian Goosberry – Amla contains vitamin C, and many other nutrients that are good for your hair.
  • 5)Aloe Vera– You can apply the juice of aloe vera directly from the plant, on your scalp. You can also, drink the juice if preferred.
  • Hair Packs–  Invest in a good hair pack from known brands, or make one yourself
  • Home Made Hair Oil– Try to make your own hair oil, which will definitely help with the fall, as it will be made in your kitchen.
  • Stay Away From Chemicals– The chemicals used for straightening and perming your hair are very dangerous. So, make sure you know how to take care of your hair if you go for any of the treatment.
  • Use Less Hair Dryers– and other tools like hair iron to prevent losing more hair. If you use these tools sparingly, then make sure to use an anti-heat spray.
  • Talk To A Doctor– If it’s just the beginning, then you can always get help from a good doctor as well.

But, it only works if you are consistent with the same. So, make sure you follow the guidelines on a regular basis o notice a difference.



Disclaimer* This post is for educational purpose only.