When we travel what do we look for? A fun place, lots of activates and choosing the right hotel for you. The hotel plays a vital  part in our vacations, as that’s where we spend our majority of time in. Today we will talk about how to choose a hotel for your next trip. Choosing the right hotel for you, can be fun as well as daunting. So, always  try to make a list with what are your prerequisites.

How to choose a hotel


find the right hotel for you find the right hotel for you
How To Choose A Hotel




A good location should be considered as a key feature while looking for the right hotel for you. How to choose a hotel, which has a few restaurants nearby, a supermarket should not be so hard. if you like to stay in the heart of the city then choose a hotel near a touristy place. This way you will have access to most of the attractions of the place. It would be a good idea, to check if there are malls attached or near to your hotel.

But, if you prefer to stay away from the city, do make sure that its a good, respected chain of hotels.


Breakfast  and other amenities

These days many hotels offer breakfast included with the rates of the room. To enjoy the same, do check with the hotel before hand. 



WI-Fi  is the most needed amenity for today’s people. There should be WiFi free of cost in your room. Make sure they offer WI-fi service for more than one gadget. (You might be traveling with family/business partners)


If you are into fitness, then doing without a gym could be  hard. Some hotels give you vouchers for nearest gyms if they do not have one.


If you traveling by car then, there should be ample   parking space for your vehicle.


Online Reviews

When you chose a hotel, do not just click the cheapest/costliest one blindly. Take some time to read reviews online. I would recommend trip advisor,  for honest feedback from the guests.

You can read everything from, the review on the location, to the bedroom and the staff.


Value For Money

Well when choosing  a hotel for you, do not forget about one of the main aspects: price. Its extremely important to check atleast few hotels before you finalize one. make a tabular column and note down the pros and cons. One hotel maybe less blingy with more price or vice versa. So make your list wisely.

Family friendly

A leisure trip with family, changes the criteria on how to choose a hotel. You will need to check if there are some kids club in the hotel. A kids club is a place where, your kids can enjoy activities or play games. Generally, there is a trained staff for the same.


Some more tips on how to choose a hotel

The hotel should not be too dated. The rooms should be clean.

Make sure to ask if they have running hot water 24/7

Check if they have complimentary pick and drop service to a nearby mall, market place.

Make sure its a good neighborhood.


These are the few things that come to my mind on how to choose a hotel, when we travel. Let me know if I missed anything.