Hi, everyone- today Geethica from Thoughts By Geethica, is  here to share some of her tips on how to review a book. Her tips are very good, and I’m sure you will definitely get some good pointers from her. Do show her some love on Twitter, and feel free to give your feedback:)

7 easy ways to become a Book Reviewer

Book reviewing is a big help to both the reader and the author. Review makes it easy for an author to reach its right kind of audience. And readers always look out for reviews of the books they want to buy. It gives an idea of what the book is all about. The review makes them sure that they are investing in the right kind of books. 

How to review a book?

Choose the right kind of book which is closest to your niche. This way you will love to read it and would be able to give a clear picture of what the book says.

1.   Keep jotting down the points while you read. It will be easier to collaborate at the end when you draft it finally.

2.  Track your details according to the platform on which you have to review.

(1)                       If the review is to be done on Amazon only then you may not go too much in detail.

(2)                       Highlight the main points of the book and drawback if any.

 Remember to write within 100 to 150 words. Don’t use harsh words about the things you don’t like about the book. Be genuine and respect the hard work of the author.

3.     If the review is on your blog then write in the same sequence as the real book travels.

4.     In the first paragraph, write the story in few words showcasing your own style. Here also, the flow should go according to the main book.

5.     In the next paragraph, write your review about the book. Carefully weave the good points that will attract a reader and subtly tell about a drawback if any.

6.     Lastly, say something about the author. Every reader wants to know personally about the author. This makes a good relationship between the author and the reader.

When you become good at your work, this is payable also. Yes, you heard it right. Book reviewers are professionals and this profession is in rage these days. So if you are a book lover, you can turn this passion of yours into a profession.

I am attaching a blog post from my website to give you an example of how book reviewing actually helps. (Click Here)

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