After I published my last post, a lot of friends pinged me to know the answer to one question: How to start a blog? Initially, I would only get asked about fitness (and I love that) but its a great step up for me to be able to share my blogging knowledge.  I’m not a blogging whizz, but I have learned a few things. And, sharing is caring, right?

Today, I will walk you through  a few basics.

How to start a blog

How to create a blog

 How to write a blog and make money

How to start a blog?

So the first and foremost thing, before you learn how to start a blog, ask yourself: why do you want to start blogging?

As a hobby

To earn

Share your story

Online journal (weight loss, noting milestones of your baby etc)

Recommended by friend

There should be a reason for you to start writing a blog.  Even if it’s a hobby or a friend pulls you in.

If you are a little skeptical, about your writing skills, do not worry much. We all have been there. Firstly, the writing gets better with every post. Secondly, there are a lot of online tools (free) which help you as well.

(But, that’s a different blog post)


How to create a blog

 Now that you have a reason to start a blog, explore the how’s and why’s. What should be the niche and name of your blog? How do you get a domain? Why do you need a self-hosted blog (or not)

Take a pen and paper, and scribble your thoughts.

Come up with a unique name which matches the niche.

For example: If you want to start a food blog, then the name of the blog should reveal the same.

Example: could be “XYZ Food Diaries” or ‘Cooking With XYZ”

If you want to make a lifestyle blog, then you may just call it “XYZ diaries” or even “XYZ.Com”

Personally, I would recommend to buy your own domain. It’s just about, 15 USD a year, and it adds a lot of value to your blog.

Once you have chosen a name for the blog, half your work is done. Actually, 80% is done!

How to write a blog and make money


Write about something that is related to your niche. After a few posts, ideas will automatically start pouring.

Make your blog post attractive- take pictures and add them to the post.

Use royalty free pictures online and make your own creative if you are not very enthusiastic about taking pictures.

Once you have few posts, written do learn a little bit about S.E.O. You can google it or can join a blogging academy for the same.

Try to participate in blog-hops. this will be an affirmed way to get some good traffic on the blog.

How to write a blog and make money

Making Money

So making money will take time. It will not happen overnight, but if you be consistent in blogging and write good content – it will happen.

Make sure you are available on social media. Promote your posts on all the platforms, in short, get noticed.

The content should be good. Write less, but write well. Research well.

Do not copy and paste from other posts. The content should be unique.

If you are fond of reading, maybe you can start with doing book reviews.


Bonus Tips

Joining some online blogging communities help. Listing the communities I’m a part of –




They help you connect with other bloggers and like minded people.

WordPress is the best platform for blogging, but yes it can be a little tough on the head. But you will,  fall in love with it, eventually.

I might send something related to blogging in my newsletter next month. If I get 10+ signups. Subscribe here.

Guess, I have it all covered and you have few answers to the question: How to start a blog. But, please let me know if I missed  out anything!


how do you create a blog how to write a blog and make money how to start a blog
How To Start A Blog


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