It’s been a hot minute, since I posted something related to weight loss, so today’s post is dedicated to weight loss, for my ‘Workout Wednesday Series’

We all want to lose weight, but at times it gets very overwhelming and we cannot figure out how or where to begin.


A tough reminder!

2011 VS 2016

I’m not a registered dietitian, but have lost about 8-kilos,  without having any gym membership. So, I guess I can share some tips 😉

My top five tips

  • First things first, admit to yourself that you need to make a change. It could be in your eating style, or it could mean to change your lifestyle, but the first thing is come to terms with it. This may not sound like a tip, but believe me this one is so so important.


  • Start drinking water as if it’s your job. When you drink more water, your stomach stays fuller, as a result you eat less, &  eventually lose weight. You might, make a few extra trips to the washroom though, but that’s okay!


  • Don’t  start living on just fruits & soups, that’s a recipe for disaster.(Been there done that!) People go crazy and start eating just  500-700 calories a day and that just is not practical in the long term.  Instead, eat what you like within portion control.  Now, that does not mean you gobble down the Big Mac. It just means that you should eat your meals mindfully. 


  • Be patient, the weight takes time to to melt away !!!  It might take you a month, or maybe more to see the weight go down, do not panic-take a deep breath, give yourself credit and let the process take its own course. I know, we all want to see results fast, but that just does not happen.


  • Work out to get fit and to become strong. Weight loss will happen as a side effect of the same. And, to be honest, none of the workouts will actually work, if you do not clean up your diet. So eat clean , but forgive yourself if you fall off the wagon.


Note* I’m not a registered dietitian & everything I have shared is based on my own experience.