A Fan Of Short Workouts ?

It’s no-brainer that to being fit is synonyms with making time to workout. Now,  it can be really hard to for long walks or you may just be a little unsure about the gym, just like me. What if I told you that there are short workouts, which will not only tone you up but also help you lose a few?
One thing I have noticed ever since I started to get more serious about blogging, my workouts time got limited! I have a home to manage, kids to cater to &  of-course life in general.
It’s important to keep moving our bodies, as none of us want to damage our health. I came across Lucy Wyndham Read, on YouTube back in March, and straight away started doing her challenges.
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I Love Lucy For Her Effective & Short Workouts
1. Her workouts really work. One can follow them easily as, there are two sides by sides, one is beginner level & the other is advanced!
2. Majority of her workouts lasts just 4 minutes!!! Yes, you read it right, 4 minutes. So, the warm up & cool down combined it would be less than ten minutes a day!
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3. She does challenge’s every other month a day, which includes one day of HIIT and one day of toning exercises. This really pushes me.
4. Her workouts are designed in a way, that you keep burning calories for the rest of the day too!
 There are more than 700 workouts to chose from her videos, & they are all FREE!!! But, if you would like a customized plan, or buy some workouts that is a possibility too.
I assure you if you stick with Lucy, you  WILL see your body tone up & lose those inches.
But,  you need to take care of what you eat as well!
Lucy replies to all your tweets, and Instagram Q’s, she’s the most down to earth fitness guru I have come across!
So, my dear friends, invest in your health, all it takes is just 4 minutes!
Personal Experience:
In Ramazan 2017, I managed to do one of her challenges even while fasting, & believe me I not only maintained my weight, but also looked super toned. Consistency is the key.
I have put on some weight, due to my poor eating habits and I plan to knock it off and more by year end. So join me on my Instagram as I fight this battle of the bulge with my favorite trainer Lucy:)
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Her Monday Motivation talks are really good. Make sure to check them out here.
Try her 7-day challenge. And, be surprised at how much just 7 mins can affect you 😉 
You can follow her on Instagram...tag her in your stories with your sweaty selfie and she will reply and repost. She’s the kindest!
This month I’m trying to shape my arms and, yes doing the 3-4 min short arm workout by her. Would you like to join ? Just dm me or tweet me and let’s do it together. As, Lucy says #YesICan.
What are your favorite workouts? I love running, HIIT and yes short workouts are a fav too.