Children’s day is celebrated on the 14th of November. Its the birthday of our first ever, Prime Minister, Mr. Jawahar Lal Nehru.

He was very fond of children, and hence his birthday got to be celebrated as “Childrens Day” That’s, a little bit of the history.


But, today children’s day celebration has been confined to just schools. There are special programs, concerts etc. Many schools distribute laddos, chocolates etc too.

Would it not be a treat to celebrate this day, as much as we celebrate birthdays of our children? So how to make this day festive at home too?




Listed below are the few ways by which we can  make children’s day special for our children day out of the school too. After all if we can embrace Mother;s Day, Father’s Day then it’s about time to show more love to something closer to home!


Picnic on the terrace– Before your children are back from school, make the terrace their picnic spot. Throw some mats on the floor, and a few eatables. And, do not forget to click a picture to capture that perfect moment.


Give them your time – We are so busy off late, that the only talks we have with our child is either about school or about homework. How about, taking them to a cafe and chat about them? How is everything in their life going? Do they want us to tell them a story? Or do they just want to snuggle 🙂


[Tweet “What are your plans for this 14th of November? I plan to decorate their room, and do a little bit of all that I shared above. As after all, nothing is complete without some meetha.”]


Decorate their room – Its not possible to always escape from home. So, you can decorate their room and put few gifts for them. The most necessary gifts has to be some Cadbury chocolates. Every child loves it.


Gift them books- A book is mans best friend. And what better way, to make your child love books, than gidting him?  Now a days, there are books for every age group, even as small as an year old baby.


Dresses – You can buy some beautiful dresses for your children, and play dress up with them, This is the best way to enjoy anything festive. Nothing, works better than wearing beautiful clothes.


Coupons – We have a  coupon system at home, where our children can write and buy something they want. The coupon could be worth 500 rupees or 100 rupees. 


Baby’s Day In– Well, this just means, that your child is barred from any homework,for the day. Also, he can use the screen or talk with his friends, and munch on pizza too. So typical fun day 🙂


Movies – We can always cook their favorite most food item, and then take them to watch the movies. As movie halls are now mostly attached to malls, this can mean some shopping for them too.


Take them on a mini vacation – One can plan a surprise getaway, on this occasion. It will make the child feel extra special. The celebrations continue in the best way, as you bond with your child and see his eye lit. You can gift your child the plane ticket, and start preparing for the vacation.


Charity– Now, this  may seem a bit unlikely, but as a mother I always want to impart to my child to do ‘charity’ Specially, when we are celebrating and enjoying gifts, food we should remember  those who are not as lucky. WE can always buy / donate some stationary item, clothes to the needy.


What are your plans for this 14th of November? I plan to decorate their room,and do a little bit of all that I shared above. As after all, nothing is complete without some meetha, some Cadbury silk is already been bought!

Enjoy the TVC below, by Cadbury where the mom is showering her love on her boys, by doing something they like. I plan to do something similar 🙂

And, don’t you just love their tagline“Kuch meetha hojaae”