Parenting is not rocket science, but maybe it is? I know when my preteens press my wrong buttons that whole, parenting is a breeze thing, just takes off.

I do not lie when I say I love my twins. I also do not lie, when I say that all days are not the same.

Some are good, some are bad and then some irrationally bad. So, today I will share my top five parenting mantras with you, which help me in my day to day life.

Yes, of course, I won’t be getting the mom of the year award anytime soon, (not from my kids though) but I try a few things to make life better for both the mum and kids.

My Top Five Parenting Mantras


1 Change the conversation 

Whenever I have a gut feeling that something is about to happen, (call it a mothers sixth sense) I try to just change the situation. Perhaps, I was the one this time who pressed the wrong button at the wrong time.

To flip the situation, I just change the conversation. Initiate, a talk that interests them. These days it’s all about Fortnite, Reddit and Pubg.

9 out 10 times, it does the trick and avoids a storm.

2- Count to ten/ Take a deep breath

Now, I may sound as if I’m trying to write about anger management here, but trust me it’s not. Many times, the child does things that want you to smash your head against the wall.

The other day, one of my twins started saying, that how  “mean” I was. And, I kept ignoring.

So, here I started counting till ten, in my mind. (Man, it was hard!) And, then I just went away,

The good news is that it avoided the “storm”

The bad news is in a few minutes, the “rude”, “unfair” also joined the word “mean”


3- Patience 

You knew this one was coming. If you are a parent, know that- soon you will master the art of patience. Whether you like it or not. Doesn’t matter, how impatient you were as a child (now do you know what your mommy felt?)

If I really cannot help it, I just try to be patient. Not easy, but being patient can solve a hundred fights without even trying.

I think, most parents are tested during the exams. When the child just does not want to study.

I have actually told myself: That  I will give my 100% (I’m the mom- I do not have a choice) and even if I get a reciprocation of 50 % it’s a win.

There I need to practice the skill of patience. Because, if I start thinking to get 100% in return, a) that will never happen b) that also means I’m not a patient mom



4- Pray 

Don’t be surprised. I pray. A lot. Irrespective, the situation being, good, bad, very bad = I pray.

When none of the above works, I end up with a meltdown.

(Now, I’m just airing my laundry, but please tell me you too as a mom, as a dad, have had moments when you just couldn’t “do it”)

I turn to God and ask him to give me strength, power and courage.


5Taking care of the mom in me 

This one is perhaps what most of us moms ignore. But, seriously, shouldn’t.


  • You can’t pour from an empty cup
  • You owe yourself a facial, a girls trip, shopping, Netflix and chill.
  • Me time

So, as clichéd as it may sound, you indeed need to feel “complete” and “Happy” to take care of your offspring’s.

You do not have a day off; from “mothering” so stealing some me time– going for shopping, a facial, and movie is something you owe yourself. Maybe a weekend trip with your friends, or a couples weekend away?

This off time is important not only for you as a mom to function sanely, but even the children tend to miss their parents. This often helps the child, realize the importance of parents. And, they might be just a tad less demanding for a few days.

And, even if you do not feel like stepping out, then a bowl of popcorn with Netflix or a good book might just be that break you need. Or, how about blogging? It certainly gives me the right kind of high 😉 


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These are the five ways Parenting Mantras that I literally swear by. They do help, but one really needs to practice. The patience bit is the trickiest one.


What are your parenting mantras? Which one is the hardest for you?



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